A little about us
HI, I'm Christina. I am a mom of 2 adorable boys, the wife of a wonderful man and a crafting addict. I love all things outdoors.... biking, hiking, camping and gardening. Trice loves dinosours, riding his bike and eating popcycles. Ryker enjoys playing in the sandbox, watching blippi and eating cookies.

Trice&Rykers bags are handmade in Mooresville, NC. 

Lunch Box Collection

so many uses
-Sandwiches              -wet wipes                     
-chips                       -crayons and markers
-crackers                  -Tissues
-Fruit                       -dog treats
-veggies                   -ice packs

The list goes on but you get the picture... they are great for just about anything!!! 
The Nitty Gritty
All our bags are lined with  Eco-PUL™ fabric
~Eco-PUL™ Fabric Does not contain lead, heavy metals, bpa, phthalates, pvcs, diisocynates, chlorine,  migratable plasticizers, or latex.
~Eco-PUL™ Fabric is vegan (does not contain animal products).
~Eco-PUL™ Fabric is USP class VI, the highest level of safety for skin contact.
~Eco-PUL™ Fabric passes flammability testing and is considered Class 1 Normal Flammability.

Eco-PUL™ Fabric is laminated with a special type of TPU film that:
~Is approved for holding potable water
~May safely be used in contact with wet and dry food
~Is intended for repeated use in packing, processing, packaging, transporting, or holding food
~Is recommended for room temperature or refrigerated use (not for heating or cooking of foods).